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January 2023 


Journalism - Unlawful Investment Schemes

Ordinary investors are being mislead and buying into unlawful schemes. Billions of pounds are being handed over by thousands of unwary folk to fraudsters for what look like simple property transactions but are actually illegal schemes. 

I`m writing about Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes for the mainstream media. The most recent appeared in the Daily Mail on Wednesday 28th July 2021:


The Financial Mail on Sunday previously published the following article on 9th February 2020:

The Great British Property Scam (full length non-fiction)

The scandal of Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes.

It`s a perfect storm. A silent crime no-one recognised was being committed.

Unlawful property schemes have now failed in huge numbers. Most of them should never have come to market. Hotel rooms, student accommodation, care home rooms and storage units have all been sold unlawfully to unwary investors as safe property investments. Billions of pounds have been taken from people, in many cases from their pension funds or retirement nest egg.

The Great British Property Scam examines every aspect of these unlawful schemes and lifts the lid on one of the biggest scams of the century.


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