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How I Became a Highly Paid Writer


I became a full time writer in the late 1990`s. Within a couple of years I was earning more than twice the average UK income in 2017! I ignored all the advertisements telling me I could earn £30-40,000 a year  as a writer and simply got on with it. I built my career on the back of one single article written for Lancashire Life magazine. I went on to  write for The Times, Sunday Times, Financial Mail on Sunday, The Telegraph and a host of quality magazines on a regular basis. My first non-fiction book was published by How To Books. Ten years later it continues to produce royalties each year.

I have recounted the story of how I managed  all this in How I became a highly paid writer. It is a genuine account of what I did along the way to becoming a full time writer.

If you are interested in doing what I did drop me an email and I`ll send you my FREE eBook

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