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Absolutely Scandalous!

That`s what one member of the finance industry had to say when he`d finished reading The Great British Property Scam.

"Hello Neil, not sure if you’ll remember me - I work in development finance and came to see you in Blackpool a number (lot) of years back - I can’t remember where I was then - either Davenham (pre-2008) or Goldentree (post 2008). I never get time to read anything but I made a point of buying your book - I am on holiday in Devon this week and have had chance to read it (superbly written). It’s really confirmed what I’ve thought for a while - how the hell can a situation be allowed to occur (and repeated) where investors are sold products at a clear over-value, paying across massive, uninsured, deposits which are effectively syphoned off and the project either doesn’t ever get completed, or if it does get completed, they have massively overpaid, will not receive their returns and are not able to sell on. Absolutely scandalous. Best of luck with your efforts on unravelling all that nonsense through UAP"

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