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Featured articles from the last 25 years

If I was a techie I`d have done this years ago but I`ve finally got around to adding a selection of interviews and articles I`ve written to my website. It`s been great to look back at what I`ve written about some amazing people. Stelios (above) was one, in his heyday with EasyJet. ICI chairman and Troubleshooter Sir John Harvey-Jones was another. But the credit for all these has to go to the legendary boss of world renowned Fishermans Friend - @Fishermans_UK - Doreen Lofthouse for being my very first interviewee.

Since then I`ve written about all sort`s of stuff, but always about its relevance to the business world. I`ve covered everything from Foot and Mouth disease for the Telegraph to Bankruptcy for the Mail on Sunday, Outsourcing for Management Accounting Magazine to Cheque Cashing for the Mail on Sunday, Mystery Shopping for Retail Week to Airlines attitude to health matters (sorry Stelios!) again for the Telegraph (Travel) and even bug killing for The Times. I`ve interviewed the great and the good and also Kevin Maxwell, son of the now infamous Bob Maxwell, who I must say was extremely gracious in providing the interview and his time.

I`ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment but there`s a lot more to do yet!

You can view a selection of all this at:

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