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Decided to ignore the office, stay at home and write.

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

I said yesterday that things were going to change. And so today, bearing in mind I have man flu and firmly believe I`ll be dead by lunchtime if my wife doesn`t pay some attention to my obvious state of ill health and get me more coffee, I decided not to go into the office but to stay at home and do some of things I keep promising to do, like write!

I love this place. I sit three floors up and look over the surrounding rooftops, out towards the Trough of Bowland which is visible on a clear day. A beautifully blue sky currently floats over me with only a hint of fluffy white clouds, a welcome change after the wet and windy weekend here on the UK`s Fylde Coast. It`s a perfect daydreamers backdrop.

I`m working myself towards the Christmas break with the full intention of taking two or three weeks away from the office to get the novel I`ve been working on for far too long finished and ready for submission to an agent I`ve now identified as being a possible good fit. That`s a task in itself, researching agents to see who is doing what, what their likes and dislikes are. Doing that properly is as important as writing the novel.

However, I have some important decisions to make about the structure of the novel, specifically about viewpoints. I love to write in the first person as I find it much more intimate. Reading a story written in the first person drags me into the character much more closely - it was a favourite of Dick Francis whose novels I thoroughly enjoyed. But it comes with significant drawbacks and I have to consider over the weeks leading up to Christmas whether it`s possible to tell the story I`m writing simply from one persons point of view.

I`d love to hear your thoughts on viewpoint?

This morning I`ve made some more changes to my (ageing?) website - pop over and sign up if you want to receive regular updates from me.

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