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The Great British Property Scam

What can you expect to find inside The Great British Property Scam?

  • INTRO: The Poacher turns Gamekeeper

  • Ch 1: Necessity, the mother of all scams (background)

  • Ch 2: Rules of Engagement (The Regulation)

  • Ch 3: The Illusionists (The Sales folk)

  • Ch 4: A Start: What do you call …500 lawyers at the bottom of the sea? (You guessed it, this one is all about the lawyers!)

  • Ch 5: What becomes of the Brokenhearted…(The Investors)

  • Ch 6: Playground Monitors (The FCA)

  • Ch 7: Collateral Damage (The schemes)

  • Ch 8: Accidental Fraudsters or……? A Ponzi or not a Ponzi

  • Ch 9: The Vultures Swoop (The Insolvency Practitioners)

  • Ch 10: After the rain…….. (Solutions for investors)

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